Thursday, January 15, 2009

A Friend Is

A friend is someone who
Concerned with everything you do..
A friend is someone to call upon
During good or bad times..
A friend is someone who understand
Whatever you do and
Who tells you
The truth about yourself..

A friend is someone who does not
Compete with you and who is
Genuinely happy for you when
Things go wall..

A friend is someone who tries to
Cheer you up when things

Don't go well..
A friend is an extension to yourself

Without which you are not complete..

Thank You For Being My Friend..!

Our Deep Friendship

Though we don't
See each other very much..
I always know that, at anytime
I could see you
And everything would
Be exactly same..
You would understand everything

I am saying and everything that
I am thinking..
Our friendship does not depend
On being together..

It's deeper than that..

Our closeness is something inside
Of us..
That is always there ready to be
Shared with each other..
Whenever the need dresser
It's much as comfortable and
Warm feeling to know that
We have seen a
Lifetime Friendship..!