Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Miss You..

Missing you,
The way you look me in the eyes,
The way you laugh, talk, smile
When I’m with you my heart pounds fast,
When we’re apart my heart rips in two,
All my life I never thought I’d feel this way
This is the life you've chosen,
And I can't change your mind.
You've found your inner bravery,
And now I must find mine.

I miss you so much,
To the moon and the stars.
And this feeling will go on,
Until you're safe in my arms.
I Love You..!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Just For You..

I will always be there for you,
I am your little friend..
I will always be in love with you,
all the way till the end..

Every moment we spent together
Has touched our lives, our souls forever
The things that we shared and learned
Is permanent growth that we've earned.

A part of me will always be you
and a part of you will always be me.
no matter what happens ,that much is certain
our souls are one until life closes the curtain.

I love you for who i am
when i am with you..I will love you forever
i will be there when You need me..

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Good Bye My Love

If you'll look at me, you'll see me smiling
Maybe I am just too good to hide something
But look closer to my eyes
You will see I am hurting..

I may be happy in my outside appearance..
Because i don't want to feel the pain
I have changed and i don't want to lie
Because that's something I really can't deny..

What i am going to said
I also feel sad that we have to end this way..
But there's nothing more that i could to stay
Because sometimes love really fade away..!

There are times that we must say goodbye
Even though it hurts..we must learn
My heart for you is not yet closed
Someday you will find someone better than me
She will be someone that I can never be..

Good bye..!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Just For You..

I could walk a thousand miles,
Just to see your perfect smiles.
My love will always stay pure and clear
Just for you..

I still love you..
People would said love is pain.
But the truth is pain is love.
I cant stop thinking of you..

I love your compassion
I can hear your heart beat for another,
to love you like I do.

Why won't you realize
my love is for you..
I understand you want to leave
and I will release you.

But let it be known
it was only Love for you
I have ever shown..
Just for you my love..

Monday, December 14, 2009

First Love

For The First Time
I Felt This True Love In
My Heart..! A Love So True
It So Sweet..

For The First Time In
My Life I Found My Love
And My Life,I Cant Even
Forget The Day,I Felt Love.

I Held You Every Moment,
Praying You Would Always
Love Me Every Day,And Every Second..
Remind Of You My Love..!

I Fell Even Deeper For You
You Broke Every Promise
When You Broke My Heart
It Hurt Me So Much Dear..

I Still Love You,But Time's Mended
But You Will Always Have A Special
Place Within My Heart,
You Will Always Be The First,
Who Touch Me So Deep..

My Heart Will Always
Keep Memories Of You And Me..
First Love..

Thursday, January 15, 2009

A Friend Is

A friend is someone who
Concerned with everything you do..
A friend is someone to call upon
During good or bad times..
A friend is someone who understand
Whatever you do and
Who tells you
The truth about yourself..

A friend is someone who does not
Compete with you and who is
Genuinely happy for you when
Things go wall..

A friend is someone who tries to
Cheer you up when things

Don't go well..
A friend is an extension to yourself

Without which you are not complete..

Thank You For Being My Friend..!

Our Deep Friendship

Though we don't
See each other very much..
I always know that, at anytime
I could see you
And everything would
Be exactly same..
You would understand everything

I am saying and everything that
I am thinking..
Our friendship does not depend
On being together..

It's deeper than that..

Our closeness is something inside
Of us..
That is always there ready to be
Shared with each other..
Whenever the need dresser
It's much as comfortable and
Warm feeling to know that
We have seen a
Lifetime Friendship..!