Saturday, December 20, 2008


the special gift
god give for me
is you!
i love you
for what
you are..
i dream i have
to live with
true hope of
everlasting love..!


RAMYA said...

Hi viyaa,

Love is a nice topic. You have written in nice way. Let us meet thru thus blog frequently.

RAMYA said...

hi viyaa,

Remove the Wrod Verification option in your blog.

viyaa said...

how to remove the word verification..i dont know?

RAMYA said...

One day come to the chat in day time i will tell you ok

viyaa said...

which chat?

kanthan said...

i am kanthan in pondy, you are my friend ok reply me.

ஷோபிகண்ணு said...

//the special gift
god give for me
is you!//

me..???? what a ___________guy i am( lucky should come in the blank space) :-0

beautiful lines..

Joe said...

/God gave me/ should've been better.

Do you write poems in Tamil too?

வியா (Viyaa) said...

ya joe i also write tamil poems..

ராம்குமார் - அமுதன் said...

Nice Poem... Superb Words...