Monday, December 14, 2009

First Love

For The First Time
I Felt This True Love In
My Heart..! A Love So True
It So Sweet..

For The First Time In
My Life I Found My Love
And My Life,I Cant Even
Forget The Day,I Felt Love.

I Held You Every Moment,
Praying You Would Always
Love Me Every Day,And Every Second..
Remind Of You My Love..!

I Fell Even Deeper For You
You Broke Every Promise
When You Broke My Heart
It Hurt Me So Much Dear..

I Still Love You,But Time's Mended
But You Will Always Have A Special
Place Within My Heart,
You Will Always Be The First,
Who Touch Me So Deep..

My Heart Will Always
Keep Memories Of You And Me..
First Love..


நட்புடன் ஜமால் said...


First Love

never can forget

it stays until we stay ...

S.A. நவாஸுதீன் said...

Yes. I agree with Jamal.

வியா (Viyaa) said...

i cant even forget my love..

வியா (Viyaa) said...

i agree with both of your comment jamal and navas

அண்ணாமலையான் said...

hi u wrote a beautiful one. good writing keep it up. pls b visit my blog whn u hav time.

R.Gopi said...

//My Heart Will Always
Keep Memories Of You And Me..
First Love..//

Fantastic..... Viyaa...

First Love will last till we last in this universe...

அகல்விளக்கு said...

good one...

கவிதை காதலன் said...

மறக்க முடியாத அனுபவங்கள்