Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Just For You..

I could walk a thousand miles,
Just to see your perfect smiles.
My love will always stay pure and clear
Just for you..

I still love you..
People would said love is pain.
But the truth is pain is love.
I cant stop thinking of you..

I love your compassion
I can hear your heart beat for another,
to love you like I do.

Why won't you realize
my love is for you..
I understand you want to leave
and I will release you.

But let it be known
it was only Love for you
I have ever shown..
Just for you my love..


நட்புடன் ஜமால் said...

But the truth is pain is love.]]

so nice and fact ...

வியா (Viyaa) said...

thanx jamal..
always that's truth in love..
pain is love..

Anonymous said...

lovely words

super viyaaa

kalakkals thannn

வியா (Viyaa) said...

long days never see are u?

Anonymous said...

fine viyaa.

leaveku oorukku poirunthen. athan vara mudila

how about you

வியா (Viyaa) said...

m fine maha..
just busy wt studies..

வழிப்போக்கன் said...


வியா (Viyaa) said...

thanx valippokkan